At Studio Mark Emile Photography, we offer professional photography for a broad range of subject matter. Even if you don’t see examples of what you’re looking for here, contact us to discuss your ideas in detail.


What is more special than a new baby? The changes your child goes through in the first year happen so fast you can almost watch them change in front of your eyes! Whether you have a newborn or an older baby, we can capture the moments you will want to remember for the rest of your life. And once we have the images, there are abundant options for the resulting artwork, from handbags to jewelry to art prints, composites or gallery wrap canvas prints. Capture these fleeting moments before they are gone forever.

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Family portraiture is a great way to create lasting memories to be cherished for a lifetime. Whether there are two in your family, or twenty, we will capture the relationships in a way that will make you smile every time you look on your wall.

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Are you expecting? Consider a Great Expectations session, in which this special time is tastefully captured. Adding your partner or other children to the session is no problem and makes for memorable images. Location sessions are also available; ask for details!

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Portraiture connects generations. Remember looking at pictures of your grandparents when they were young? How great it was to have those pictures to look at? What will your grandchildren have to look at? Or perhaps you are at a loss for a gift for one of the special people in your life. What about a professional portrait? Every time she or he sees it, it will evoke warm memories of you. Now that’s a gift.

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Your senior year in high school is a special one, a year that marks a transition between adolescence and adulthood. Do you want to trust your special senior portraits to the school’s contract photographer, where you are just another in a sea of anonymous faces? Think about it. If you come to Studio Mark Emile, we will discuss your goals for your senior portraits long before you show up for your session. We will make special images that you will be thrilled with. See our seniors page for details.

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Studio Mark Emile is pleased to offer wedding photography. Make sure your special day is captured so it can be relived again and again. ALL of the Studio Mark Emile wedding collections include a book or album, so you don’t have to worry that in 10 years all you have to show for your wedding is a CD of images that you don’t know what to do with. Studies are showing that “later” never comes for those brides who opt to just get a CD of images to make into an album “later.” Don’t make that mistake. We will design a beautiful coffee table style book or modern album that will look stellar and last for generations. With 70% of your wedding costs being spent on items which don’t last, make sure that your photographic needs are well taken care of! In 10 years, besides the spouse and the ring, what else will you have left? The flowers? The limo? The food? No. Only the photographs.

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Do you have an old photograph that’s in bad shape, but which means a lot to you? We can help. Need to make a bunch of copies of an old photo? We’ve been doing restorations for a long time.

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Commercial Photography

Commercial photography covers a wide swath of services, from simple executive portraits to product photography, from environmental portraits to architectural photography. Whether you need high quality photographs of food for your menu or advertising, images of a corporate VIP for use in a magazine, or you need imagery for your company’s annual report, we are here to help. Quality commercial photography separates you from hobbyists and small-time operators and puts your company on an equal footing with the big boys. It’s an investment that pays for itself many times over, as good marketing should.

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