Studio Mark Emile is pleased to offer wedding photography. Make sure your special day is captured so it can be relived again and again. ALL of the Studio Mark Emile wedding collections include a book or album, so you don’t have to worry that in 10 years all you have to show for your wedding is a CD of images that you don’t know what to do with. Studies are showing that “later” never comes for those brides who opt to just get a CD of images to make into an album “later.”

Don’t make that mistake. We will design a beautiful coffee table style book or modern album that will look stellar and last for generations. With 70% of your wedding costs being spent on items which don’t last, make sure that your photographic needs are well taken care of! In 10 years, besides the spouse and the ring, what else will you have left? The flowers? The limo? The food? No. Only the photographs.